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Project Limitless to raise a further £250,000

Christmas 2020, The Douglas Bader Foundation launched Project Limitless and we’ve been blown away by the support you have given us.

Thanks to your generosity, every day of this year one child with upper limb difference has received support through Project Limitless, with a growing-waiting list. Providing them with a revolutionary new tech prosthetic. One that is easy to wear, soft to the touch, grows with the child and adapts to their changing needs. Such as eating, riding a bike, playing an instrument and even surfing! They have received them through the post, without the need for any hospital visits. Each child has also been provided with peer to peer support, with limb buddies guiding them through their journey every step of the way.

However in 2021, it has become apparent through the significant amount of requests we have received from parents that Project Limitless needs to expand its remit - to increase our beneficiaries age range from age 3 to 18 in the UK. The adolescent years where new sporting activities, music and self image all become crucial to development and mental wellbeing.

To do this, we need your support to continue to create a more accessible world for those with limb differences.

Project Limitless is therefore aiming to raise a further £250,000 over the coming months.

We have so many more children we want to provide for.

          "Help us to help them" – Sir Douglas Bader




Bader Grant recipient and award-winning British start-up company Koalaa makers OF SOFT SHELL  prosthetic arms - have teamed up with DBF AMBASSADOR ALEX LEWIS and THE DOUGLAS BADER FOUNDATION focusing on children with upper limb impairment.




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